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Which Lock is for Me?

Which Lock is for Me?
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With the variety of locks commercially available, choosing the perfect lock can be a bit daunting. We were stunned as well so we decided to call our favourite contractor, Locksmith Cheshunt, to help us choose the right one.

When choosing your lock consider the purpose and the amount of security demanded

IDifferent Types Of Locksnstalling front door locks obviously demand higher security features than regular cabinet ones, unless your stash is inside the said cabinet. The locking mechanism essentially determines how secure the hardware is. Basically, a lock sets in a fixed position at a certain part to prevent the door or drawer from moving. There can be a slight bit of metal obstructing easy pulling of drawers or a solid piece of steel slotted into a hole keeping a door tightly shut. The more secure, the more difficult is the set up. That means a deadbolt installation would require expertise of professionals. The range covers a spectrum from padlocks to latches to knob versions.

Consider also how the mechanism is opened. Locks used to be all mechanically manoeuvred but chips and electronics found their way into locks and keys. A more intricate key means harder access, suitable for priority properties. In cases of a lockout, access will indeed prove to be a pain so it’s crucial to keep a spare key ready or choose our emergency locksmith service in such a situation. Let us not forget the possibility of forcible and unauthorized access, the real reason why these devices were invented in the first place is to keep others away from our precious belongings. Some locks have greater susceptibility to brute physical force than others so you ought to rethink your options.

Special circumstances further demand other features. Hospital doors often use latches to fit in door jambs and the locking mechanism is often operated through a lever. In such a place, manoeuvring the door needs to be uncomplicated and quick response so an emergency will be hindered. Residential buildings may also be required to employ easy-to-handle hardware for disabled persons compliant with the building and safety regulations.

The perfect lock is one that corresponds with your needs. Each type of lock has its own pros and cons in terms of features, installation, repair, and even cost. You can always consult but it is imperative that you establish first the reason why you are getting the lock. If you’re still unsure, you can opt to follow the majority and choose knob locks for inner doors, mortise for front doors, lever handles for commercial buildings, key in knob cylinders for glass doors, cam locks for cabinets, T-handles for vending machines, combination locks for vaults, and deadbolts for high security facilities.

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